Year In Review: VFX Vis-Dev and Storyboarding

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As the start of a new year is here. I wanted to go through some of the stuff that was released this past year. Some of this stuff was actually done back in 2012, but was released in 2013, so i feel it’s still appropriate to share for this year in review. Before I moved […]

Happy New Year!

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Wow it’s been a crazy year… and it flew by like nothing. I’ve moved countries and jobs this year… and it’s hard to realize it was about 10 months ago. During my nice almost two week European holiday, I stopped over in London to visit relatives for a few days, while the rest was spent […]

52 Shades of Greed: A Political Illustration Collaboration

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Well, that title is a mouthful. It was a few weeks ago that my friend & fellow illustrator, Marc Scheff, asked me to join in on this project he was putting together called 52 Shades Of Greed. I immediately said yes. Not only do I feel strongly about financial reform policies, but I truly felt […]

Life Painting: Nude with a Red Rose

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Another full figure. This one was supposed to be a 6 hour study as well (and it still was), but I couldn’t make the 2nd session. So a quick 3 hour loose painting for this one. Loved the model’s choice of the red rose.


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Well, this week I started into a new world of making pictures move. With much help and tips from excellent animator friends Scott Benson and Charles Huettner. Who in turn led me to a┬ábrilliant photoshop animation tutorial┬áby a Mr. Alex Grigg. Animation has been something I’ve wanted to play around with for quite some time, […]

Life Painting: Reclining Nude

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This figure was done a few weeks ago. We actually changed it up a bit and did a 6 hour nude figure pose over the course of 2 weeks. I haven’t painted a full figure from life in quite a while, so it was definitely a nice change. We’ll be doing more of these for […]

Life Painting Pt. 5

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Some more painting from Panza gallery. I had a blast with this one. I think all the advice I picked up from talking to great artists and watching fantastic demos at Spectrum Art Live is really paying off. Onward!

Physical Health in a Digital World

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We all know physical health is important. But as we get older, it gets harder and harder to accomplish, especially in our increasingly digital world. In High School it was a lot easier to be on the cross-country team and then skateboard the night away. Life was simpler then. Now, we have bills to pay, […]

Video: The Making of Roamer

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Fourth in the series of Irish townsfolk character concepts. Music by Cilmeri, Aberjaber, and Calennig.

Life Painting Pt. 4

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The latest from the Panza Gallery sessions. Sasha Mirzoyan hooked us up with an excellent model. And surprisingly she had never modeled for a painting session before. You wouldn’t have known though, because she did a fantastic job.