D&D Art Test

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So if you don’t know, Mr. Jon Schindehette, Creative Director for D&D at Wizards of the Coast (Also famous for Magic the Gathering), hosts an online artist community at theartorder.com. He and the D&D team recently put out a call for illustrators, with an art test. in correlation with the new D&D edition in the works. These two pieces are for that art test. You can also find the image archeology of each piece over on my page at WIPnation.com.

Gatekeeper © Denman Rooke

Orc Shaman © Denman Rooke

Life Painting Pt. 3

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Figure No. 6

Here’s the latest painting from the Panza Gallery sessions. The model is fellow Pittsburgh artist, Sasha Mirzoyan, who did a great job being on the other side of the painter and model relationship.

Princess Sparkles & the Storybook Forest

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Here’s a little poster illustration I whipped out this weekend for a local murder mystery theater show. A bit more on the silly, whimsical side of fantasy illustration than I usually paint, but still a ton of fun to work on.

Life Painting Pt. 2

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Figure No. 5

I haven’t often had the opportunity to paint darker skin tones from life, and to put it simply, it’s just lovely. Not only is it rich and beautiful, but it forces me not to get stuck in the same palette I’m familiar with. Which I shouldn’t do anyway, but it’s a trap that’s easy to fall into. Not to mention, I just loved her style.

Life Painting Pt. 1

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The wife and I started attending a weekly 3 hour life painting session this year. Hosted at a lovely gallery in Millvale called Panza Gallery, by one Mr. Bill Pfahl.

It’s been really nice to get back into life painting, since it’s literally been years. Definitely feeling rough, but thoroughly enjoy picking up the good old oil paint more regularly. And it’s been nice to have some critique sessions with the wife. Which is a must for any artist, not a wife per say, but find an artistic friend or friends who can give honest, knowledgeable feedback. Look back at past work compared to your newest pieces to see where you’ve been improving and where you still need work. Remember, there is always room for improvement.

I’ve been experimenting as well, which has been nice. The first three figures I tried utilizing some loose palette knife strokes. I enjoyed the overall shapes, but I think I’m learning to balance the use of it, as I spent a lot of time later wrestling with getting the colors in certain areas due to excess wet paint. But as they say, the best way to learn is to make mistakes.

These past few sessions have really been giving me the desire to incorporate traditional painting in some illustration work, since I’ve been primarily digital since 2007. We’ll see. Probably end up doing a mix of both.

If you’re an artist and live in Pittsburgh, you should definitely think about coming. Cost is $9 for the 3 hour session, with snacks & beer provided (tip extra for the beer). Don’t feel shy, amateur & professionals alike are welcome (I would hope so). Seriously, it’s a great time to sharpen your craft and meet other local artists. Come on out!

Figure No. 01

Figure No. 02

Figure No. 03

Figure No. 04


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An environment concept piece I did last month. Excerpt from the brief was “The Alien HQ is a squat and sturdy concrete building that looks more like a bunker. It used to be a government post office, legacy of 1970s architecture. Vines/Roots (aliens supply technology which is organic based) flow into the building…”

Dwarf on Holiday

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Dwarf on Holiday © Denman Rooke

A fun little illustration I did to advertise the blog move and website update.

Video: The Making of Inn Keeper

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Inn Keeper © Denman Rooke

Third in the series of Irish townsfolk character concepts I created.

Music by Crasdant, Cilmeri, and Cromlech.

Day of the Bicycle

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I rarely do vector based illustration work, but i really enjoyed this piece that I did at work last year. Maybe you will too.