Year In Review: VFX Vis-Dev and Storyboarding

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As the start of a new year is here. I wanted to go through some of the stuff that was released this past year.

Some of this stuff was actually done back in 2012, but was released in 2013, so i feel it’s still appropriate to share for this year in review.

Before I moved to Dublin, one of my top clients was Animal vfx based in my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I mainly came in to do Concept and Visual Development for advertising when they needed it. I loved coming into the studio and sitting down with a fantastic director and now friend, Samm Hodges, to brianstorm ideas. I’d then throw together some concepts on screen and quickly pass them off to the wonderfully talented team at Animal who brought the vision to life.

Although it’s a little bit of a departure from the fantasy illustrations and concept art I mainly advertised myself with, figured it’d be fun to share. Plus it’s good to know that sometimes diversification is good, especially for a freelancer. If it weren’t for animal, I might not be where I am today.

Here are some of the projects that I worked on with them that have been released.

Spyder Boards v1 COMP Spyder Boards v2 COMP

SPYDER Brand ID from Animal on Vimeo.

Highmark Future Tech

Highmark Balance from Animal on Vimeo.

Oticon Rooms COMP

Oticon Alta Anywhere Anytime from Animal on Vimeo.

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