I made a card game, BATTLE of TAROT. Download it for free!

So I know this is an art related site and blog, and while I did not do the art for this game, I did design it! So here it is.

BATTLE of TAROT is a two player card battling game using a single 78 card tarot deck inspired by games like Magic: the Gathering, Hearthstone, and maybe a little from MOBAs too.

“Armed with arcane spells, two medieval kingdoms meet on the battlefield for war.”

The game is now out of beta and officially released! If you’re interested in playing, download the rulebook for free and play with your friends. If you have any thoughts or feedback please consider filling out the playtest form on the site.

Download it for free, all you need is your own Tarot deck. A deck from one of your favourite artists is best!


Commander Legends prints are now available!

My Commander Legends illustrations for Magic the Gathering are now up on the Original Magic Art store.
Get them sweet fantasy art prints today!

Armored Skyhunter, Keeper of the Accord, Court of Grace, and Elvish Doomsayer.

My art is now available as Canvas Prints here on ArtStation

My beautiful canvas print babies are now alive on ArtStation. Go check out all the available pieces over here: https://www.artstation.com/denmanrooke/prints


Male Base Mesh - Retopology Pass 2

Taking a second pass on the retopology of the Male Base Mesh I'm working on. Focusing on getting the edge flow to match the muscle curves.

Inktober 2018: Skelly Boi

Some late night sketching for Inktober 2018 on the iPad Pro and Procreate. I know, I know, it's not "real" ink... but what the hell :D

Inktober Day 1: Gelatinous Cube

So Inktober is upon us. Day 1 suggested theme is Poisonous, so I did a Gelatinous Cube... that's poisonous. 'cause I don't actually think they're technically poisonous by default. I probably won't get through every day of Inktober, but I'll try and see how many I can do. Anyways, here it is! Done in Procreate on the iPad Pro.


Prints now available over on INPRNT!

With my latest piece Angelic Reward being released for Magic the Gathering, I realized I had to get my act together in regards to prints. So I've put together a print store over on INPRNT. Check it out, and buy yourself some fantasy-ass fantasy prints from yours truly!


Male Base Mesh & Anatomy Sculpt

(First ArtStation blog post, woo!)

Finally got time to finish up the high poly of this male anatomy study sculpt I started a few months back. I originally started it as a male base mesh project to have on hand for any future characters, which I still plan on doing, but kind of worked it up a bit farther as I was having fun. At any rate, here's the turnaround video and some renders.

Big shout out to Rafael Grassetti's "Design and Anatomy Tutorial Package" on Gumroad which you can find here: https://gumroad.com/grassettiart. I started this project without knowing about the tutorial and then found it while in the middle of the first pass, and ended up redoing most of it, as Raf's video was so on point. Seriously recommend checking it out if you're interested in trying something similar. I now use his custom ZBrush layout as well. Just so many helpful tips.

Will be retopologizing it and bringing it into substance painter next to do a full real-time render pass on it. Thanks for reading, I'll post updates when I'm at the next stage. Cheers!